I was thinking about Mr Baillieu and Mr Davis all through my shift last night.
As I explained to a patient why she still hadn’t had her tests and that the cover wasn’t ‘being rude’ by not seeing her but was instead running between emergencies; as I farewelled a whole shift leaving late again, without a tea break between them; as I coaxed an unwilling hypoglycaemic man to swallow Glucaid even though he didn’t want to; as I coordinated a MET call; as I left my one tea break after ten minutes to respond to a second MET call; as I explained to the family of a dying woman that there wasn’t anything else we could do, and yes – call your children now; as I called security, so the family could come straight through instead of waiting; when I stayed back to write up two RiskMans, because there was no time during the shift; when I got home and realised that my last urination was before I left for work, thirteen hours earlier…

I wondered who they think will be doing this when we’re gone.

[Originally posted on the ANF: Respect Our Work Facebook page, December 18 2011]