Anyone can, in the blink of an eye, become a patient. Car accident, heart attack, cancer, falling down stairs – it doesn’t matter, none of us has any guarantee of health beyond this minute.

I’m a nurse. And if, or when, I end up on the other side of the bed rail, I know my odds of surviving and returning to my life are significantly higher if my care is provided by skilled, qualified, experienced nursing staff. I have less likelihood of developing pneumonia, contracting an infection, being given the wrong medication, falling, contracting a pressure injury, getting critically ill without anyone noticing, needing transfer to a bigger hospital and/or ICU, being readmitted, and of dying.

I want the best odds for myself. I want the best odds for the people I care about. And I want no less for the Victorian public – my patients and potential patients. Keep the ratios, keep nurses at the bedside, and help us continue to save and improve lives.