It’s Monday – hopefully the first day of the last week of industrial action, because nurses don’t want to walkout, we want to care for patients. And no, Mr Davis, that doesn’t mean anyone (except you) has in any way influenced our decision, because we’ll do whatever it takes short of criminal or immoral action to defend safe patient care – just that we’d rather be at the bedside.

Day 1 for Austin nurses, who walked out this morning and will keep going out twice a day, every day, until we meet with FWA

Austin members gathered to hear…

… first, ANF (Vic. branch). Assistant Secretary Pip Carew, then…

ACTU President (and former Austin Health nurse) Ged Kearney.

Wet weather did not dampen the spirits of Austin nurses, nor Royal Melbourne nurses, who I joined for their second day of walk offs that afternoon.

It’s 1,006 days until we go to the polls. It’s day 110 since our first FWA appplication. We now have 12,747 likes (keep them coming!), and the e-petition has a staggering, stunning, wonderfully warming 19,350 signatories (that’s 11 up from just under two minutes ago!)