It’s March 22nd, Emancipation Day in Puerto Rico, and 40th anniversary of both the US ERA being sent by congress for state ratification and the US Supreme Court’s decision to allow unmarried people access to contraception.

And it’s now 982 days (an even 2 years, 8 months & 1 week) until the next State election. We’d no doubt have had to fight whoever was in power, but if we don’t act in 2014 we’ll face another EBA campaign like the one we’ve just won – essential, but an unnecessary waste of time, energy and money on both sides.

As we wait to hear from our tireless Executive about the finalisation of our new and rewritten EBA, we can celebrate secure in the knowledge that we are protected by the strongest branch of Australia’s most powerful union, led by the most dedicated and intelligent nurses in the country. And then we can return to our lives – strengthened by the campaign, with new friends, bonds, contacts, and tools, with a union now 2,500 members and 1,000 reps and contacts stronger. But in 30 months or so we have to rally together again, to protect our community and our profession from another attack by a government bound and determined to destroy our ratios and skill mix.