Autumnal Wednesday evening greetings on this, the 11th of April – the day that, in 1961, marked the beginning of Nazi war criminal Adolf Eichmann’s trial, in 1979 saw Idi Amin deposed, and is the 44th anniversary of Lyndon B Johnson’s signing of the US Civil Rights Act, making it illegal to discriminate about housing (rental, sale or finance) based on race.

It is also 962 days (or 2 years, 7 months and 18 days) until the Premier and his party are up for re-election. Though I’m sure it seems unlikely now, we will actually have a Mental Health EBA by then – but I’m sure none if us will have forgotten the unnecessary, expensive (in terms of both finance and emotional labour), protracted and ultimately successful campaigns. Our job is to make sure the rest of the electorate remembers, as well.