It’s April 15, at least for another two and almost a half hours – there are 260 days of 2012 left, and exactly two years, seven months and two weeks (958 days) until the state election.

You know what, Mr Bailleu, this is now officially ridiculous – 286 days since the mental health log of claims was lodged and your designated negotiators, VHIA, seem to be moving no closer to an agreement. Okay, this is a little more complicated that the general acute public sector EBA given the involvement of another party, but enough already – all the reasons we need adequately ratioed numbers of skilled, qualified, registered nurses in acute care apply to the mental health sector and it’s well past time you got the concept.

Maybe have a chat with your mentor, Mr Kennett – he’s been chair of BeyondBlue for almost a dozen years, so maybe he has some concept of the vital role excellent mental health care plays in best outcomes for individuals, families and communities affected by mental illness.