It’s April 19th. In 954 days, on November 29th, 2014, Victorians will elect the party that will determine the state’s direction for the next four years.

All politicians make election promises, and all politicians who successfully win office break at least some promises, however sincerely made or determined they may be to keep them. There’s often a misconception in Australian politics that, like the Americans, we vote for a leader. We don’t, we vote for a party – that’s how the Labor national caucus was able to replace Mr Rudd. So it’s not a question of Mr Baillieu or Mr Andrews (or whoever it is leading their respective parties at the time) – it’s a question of which ideologies you support.

The Liberal Party party prioritise business over individuals, employers over employees, surplus over using funds to support the community they were elected to serve, and are in the midst of passing legislation to take almost $500M from WorkCover. They spent some four times more on legal fees during our campaign than ANF did – for one hearing at FWA (a hearing they could not possibly lose) they sent seven lawyers to our one!

Two years, seven months and ten days from today we’ll be asked to make a decision. In around eighteen months the current government will start campaigning – making promises, trashing the opposition, and glossing over the past. The electorate often has a short memory – we won’t forget the longest, bitterest pay and conditions campaign in over a quarter of a century, a fight that continues in the mental health sector even as I type. We can’t let the public forget, either.