Good morning 🙂

It’s Friday, May 4th and we’re another day closer to the State election – an election that Mr Baillieu may not be Premier for, given his current lack of support. Though Australians vote for the party, their platforms, ploicies and (often empty) promises rather than the politician, this is worthy of a small celebration – even though the MH EBA is are-you-kidding-me-STILL in negotiation, and RDNS and Community Palliative Care EBA negotiations have opened.

And so, because it’s Friday, because even his own party don’t seem too fond of the Premier, and because it’s been a while since I last posted it, I give you Mr Davis at his zenith:

Addit: How close is the election? Where were you four hours ago, when I posted yesterday’s update?! 939 days, which is two years, six months, three weeks and four days. Oh, countdown – I remember when you were still in quadruple figures. How you’ve shrunk 😉