It’s Sunday, May 6th – I hope all you midwives out there were feted and celebrated yesterday. Today is International No Diet Day, so if you were given chocolate please do indulge 🙂

Today is also 937 days from the next election. I suspect there’ll be little love for the current government at today’s May Day march, but a whole lot of solidarity and family-friendly fun. ANF have the honour leading the march, which leaves from Trades Hall at 1PM, passing through the city then back up to Lygon St for speeches, stalls and a free concert. Festivities start at 10AM so don’t worry about being early but do wear red!

We won the public acute campaign, after an unprecedented fight, thanks to the hard work, dedication, intelligence, planning and commitment of our Executive, staff and members, and with support (both moral and financial) of our fellow unionists.

As the Baillieu government pushes hard on unions, with ongoing Agreements pending and in negotiation across multiple sectors (mental health, palliative care, RDNS, private acute), and at time when ANF’s bucking the trend of diminishing union membership, it’s more important than ever that our numbers, strength and unity are visible. Plus it’s fun!

ANF job reps outside Trades Hall, pre-march

Preparing for the honour – first union in the May Day march

And they’re off!

Nurses marching with their union colleagues in celebration of the accomplishments of the union movement, and a reminder of the work still ahead of us.