Good morning, and welcome to another week. It’s May 7th, and the 67th anniversary of the signing, by General Alfred Jodl, of the Bedingungslose Kapitulation der Wehrmacht, which ended Germany’s participation in the war.

As it’s a process of compromise, I won’t hope for an unconditional surrender of VHIA to our log of claims in the still on-going Mental Health EBA negotiations, but I do hope it’s satisfactorily resolved soon. It’s not just the length of time that’s unprecedented but also the overlapping with other EBAs.

I’m sure that’s something we’ll all remember come November 29th 2014, 936 days from today. That’s only 2 years, 6 months, three weeks and a day away, so keep your red shirts handy.

Respect our work – original shirt

Note: this entry was originally posted on the ANF (Vic. branch) Facebook page on 7/5/2012