It’s May 10th – not content with trying to eviscerate the public health care system, the Premier has decided to compound our economic situation by slashing funding to the vocational education sector, cutting more than $300 million from the Victorian TAFE budget. Over 80% of courses will be affected, with 3,000 job loses and an untold knock-on effect for young Victorians and those ready to retrain.

The first of the protest rallies was held at Treasury Gardens today – ANF was there, along with unions form the education sector and the many trades that will be directly and indirectly affected.

Though the fights for nurses are (finally) coming to an end in the acute private and(fingers crossed) mental health sectors, every single EBA is going to be a struggle just to retain what we have. For those industries with less strength, unity and public support than us, some of those fights will inevitably be lost.
The next State election in 933 days away – in 2 years, 6 months, 2 weeks and 5 days we go to the polls. We need to support our union colleagues, we need to remember, and we need to remind the public that this has to be One Term for Ted.

That’s a lot of unhappy people