It’s still International Nurses’ Day around most of the world, including quite a geographically large part of Australia, but here on the East coast it’s now May 13th, and Mothers’ Day.

I will start the day by participating in the Mothers’ Day Classic (go team Respect Our Walk!), which entails getting up quite distressingly early for a night shifter, so I’m updating this now, because I won’t be back home until late.

Thanks to the government’s persistent and strong opposition (via VHIA) to any improvements, one of the few new gains ANF won us – versus their heroic protection of existing conditions – was ratios in day oncology.

Like many people, I have family members fighting cancer as I type. The odds are high that at least one of those fights will be lost before the Baillieu government face re-election in 930 days. For them, our campaign was about money. For us, for our patients and our communities, it was and is about lives – saving them, improving them, and assisting them to end with dignity.

In 2 years, 6 months, 2 weeks and 2 days I will remember that these were not the Liberal Party party’s priorities. You also need to remember, and remind the electorate. It’s about more than political ideologies, it’s about the lives of real people – clinician, the next generation of potential nurses and midwives, and patients.