A very good morning to you all. It’s May 15th (happy birthday, dad!), which marks several beautifully rounded milestones, for those of us who like such things:

– there are 230 days of 2012 left;

– this is the 140th day since I started counting down; and

– it’s 2 years, 6 months and 2 weeks until the next election.

That may still feel a long way off, but as we head toward the 18-month anniversary of the Baillieu government’s reign I reflect on what I was doing two and a half years ago, and how quickly that intervening time has gone.

To remind myself of how time compresses I’ve looked at all the photos posted on this page during the campaign. That’s right, all 783 official photos, and every single one of the 1,870 or so photos posted by members (which included 148 of Shane Kneebone’s creations, entirely too many photos by me, and an abundance of photos, graphics, newspaper articles, news stills, Tandberg and other cartoons, and inspiration). I recommend having a look – it brought back some amazing memories.

I can remember seeing most of them for the first time, I remember being at those meetings and community rallies and walkouts, and in 928 days I will remember what this government tried to do to nurses, nursing and the public health care system.