It’s May 16th, traditionally the first day of the Roman festival Bacchanal, where profligate drinking and celebration was a requirement – this is sadly a week early, for those reps who are coming to drinks next Wednesday.

I’m anticipating a significant Bacchanal in 928 days – that’ll be the night of November 29th, 2014 when, 2 years, 6 months, 1 week, 6 days from now, the next Victorian election will be over. And so, I hope, will this government’s reign. In the interim, as EBA negotiations continue on many fronts (including Mental Health still!) and TAFE funding is just the first of the Baillieu government’s attack on education and educators, I will help the fight. And I will remember – everything.

I remember I remember
I’m breathing today
The month of May…
I remember I remember
I go leaps and bounds
I remember everything – Paul Kelly