The Baillieu budget will eviscerate TAFE, meaning increased reliance on private education providers, thousands of job losses, higher levels of debt for trainees and retrainers, and make it harder for the un- and underemployed (a population sure to grow as the economy worsens) to reskill.

The education sector supported us during our campaign. I’m sure we all agree that health and education are vital for the community as a whole, and for Victoria’s future. Please lend your voice to the TAFE4All campaign.

TAFE4All provides a form letter but are delighted for people to write their own. In mine I reference our recent campaign, and my disappointment that this government is demonstrating the same lack of foresight and interest in the community’s wellbeing in education as they did (and are) in health. At a time when an increasing number of people are likely to need retraining and upskilling it makes no sense to cut funding and places – and that’s apart from the ongoing education needs of the next generation of employees. I also reminded the ministers I addressed that there’s 2 years, 6 months and 13 days until the next election – not enough time for the electorate to forget, but well and truly enough time for them to reconsider, and fund TAFE properly.

Oh, and if you do write your own version please proof-read first – I noticed, just as I hit ‘okay’, that I spelled ‘redundancies’ with two a’s and no u. I clearly need more education – but there are no places…