It’s Sunday, May 19th, and that means we’re precisely 132 weeks (or 924 days, or two years, 6 months and 10 days) away from an election that I really hope will be history-making – the last one-term Victorian government was the ALP under John Cain senior in 1955. How appropriate that the Victorian ALP are having a policy development conference in Melbourne.

Certainly Daniel Andrews’ announcement that, if elected, the ALP will restore free pertussis vaccinations to the parents of infants is getting a lot of coverage (The Age coverage says they’ll “cough up” the funding). And Age political edictor Josh Gordon’s published a Baillieu retrospective set in Ausgust 2014 (that sadly doesn’t mention nurses and midwives, and predicts an LNP Federal government but is nonetheless worth a read).

A new (and quite addicted) tweeter, I follow the union and political feeds, Victorian and nationally. Here are some recent interesting and amusing tweets, including these (hashtags replaced with ellipses) from some of my favourite tweeters:

@rainbowlaborvic: @DanielAndrewsMP pays tribute to Lisa Fitzpatrick & Vic nurses ‘labor stands shoulder to shoulder with you’…
@VicALP”>@VicALP: Special welcome for @ANFvicbranch Secretary Lisa Fitzpatrick. @DanielAndrewsMP thanks nurses for the hard fought win on nurse-patient ratios
@HelgaSvendson: Standing ovation for @DanielAndrewsMP… who starts with thanking Lisa Fitzpatrick from ANF
@Mrs_TedBB: Damn, Teds slogan for 2014 just revealed… ‘TAFEs shut! Prisons open! (maybe…)’
@Mrs_TedB: Labor and their profligate spending on skills, nurses, education and vaccines must never be returned. Vic just can’t afford it
@Mrs_TedB: Ted perplexed by news that there is an [ALP conference] creating policies today – do you need policies to win an election?
@FakePremierTed: I don’t want to make predictions about any TAFEs shutting down. How they choose to deal with no funding is entirely up to them
@TaraNipe: It’s exactly 132 weeks until the election, @TedBaillieu: nurses won’t forget, teachers won’t forget, the public won’t forget

Oops. How did that get there?! But it’s true – I won’t forget, you won’t forget, and between us we have to make sure the public remember.
Note: this entry was originally posted on the ANF (Vic. branch)’s Facebook page on 19/5/12