It is traditional that, after a public sector EBA campaign, ANF staff and public sector reps have a few drinks together to celebrate our successes. This year we had much to celebrate, for this was a campaign unlike any other.

The first campaign shirts, like those from campaigns before, had a red body (with the ANF Vic. branch campaign logo in blue and white on the front, and the campaign slogan on the back) with white 3/4 sleeves. As the campaign stretched through autumn to summer we needed new shirts and, because of the hotter weather (and, I suspect, an imperative for faster production) the second wave shirts were all red (plus logos as above), with t-shirt sleeves. Though more comfortable in the hotter weater, the old style shirts were in high demand. When I was given an unworn won back by a member I decided to auction it, to raise money for the hardship fund.

The auction – part 1

The auction took on something of a life of its own, as other members donated wine, chocolate, spirits and other goodies. The bounty was so significant we ended up auctioning it as two hampers

Hampers of magnificence!

I kept the shirt to one side, deciding instead to have it framed after the cmpaign was over, to present to the Executive at the drinks evening. On the afternoon of our last meeting a group of highly active reps signed the shirt, which I then had framed, along with photos that represented the process of the marathon effort.

Photo courtesy of Megan Hayes

And the plaque:

Photo courtesy of Megan Hayes

Without the constant presence and support of ANF staff, the courage and resolve of our Council, and the unwavering examples of our tireless Executive, the reps and the membership would not have had the faith or energy to continue.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again – the Victorian branch of ANF is special: we have the Executive we deserve, and they have the membership they’ve earned. Together we can, and have, achieved the impossible. And that’s something well worth celebrating!