Today is the 148th anniversary of the birth of Aloysius ‘Alois’ Alzheimer, who identified the first published case opf what we now know as Alzheimers. As we manage to extend lie expectancy, and defeat other diseases, the rate of dementias of all kind increases. I’d like to take this opportunity to extend thanks to all my aged care colleagues – your work is skilled, vital, increasingly complex, underappreciated and underrecognised by the world at large, but not by those of us who have at least some idea of what you do.

Premier O’Farrell is on the record as saying he has a mandate to alter WorkCover (all in favour of private insurers), saying that the unions are defeated in NSW. Yesterday our slightly northern neighbours joined in a 5000 strong protest against the O’Farrell government’s changes to NSW WorkCover – if you feel like it, pop on over and say hi :)It’s 898 days until the next Victorian election – let’s make it very clear that the Bailieu government has no mandate now, and no opportunity to claim one come December 2014.