This weekend thousands of volunteers door-knocked the seat of Frankston, won for the Liberal party by 489 votes in 2010.
Not only have they not implemented recommendations from the Black Saturday commission, this government cut $66M from fire fighters, mostly from the CFA, despite longer, fiercer bush fire seasons.
They promised 800 hospital beds, but after three and a half years have only opened 43.
In response to poorer ambulance response times, costing lives, Dr Napthine doubled the target for the most uregently categorised patients from the international standard of 8 minutes to 15 minutes – then allowed Ambulance Victoria to stop reporting statistics.
198,000 Victorians have lost their jobs since the Bailliey/Napthine government won office in 2010 – that’s 41 men and women, renters and mortgage holders, parents, tax payers, put out of work every single day.
And they cut $1.2 billion from TAFE, even though we know that vocational education is the cheapest, fastest, most effective way to break the cycle of poverty, crime, under-education and long-term unemployment.
Victoria’s government holds power by one seat, and won six seats by a tiny minority. On November 29th your vote counts more than ever before.
Talk with your neighbours, friends, family, work mates – tell them about the Victorian Liberal government’s track record, then ask them: has this government served Victoria? Have our Members of Parliament, our government, served the people thye were elected to represent?